New Year Mail 2023

Ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, we wish you a successful and healthy New Year 2023 . We would bevery happy if the following information is interesting for you.For successful business development and –Gestaltung the prerequisite is a clearly defined business model,that refers to a transparent “end-to-end” –Prozessdokumentation and describes howall business activities are focused on the customer. This business model is based on the MITO–Modellstrukturthe reference and regulatory framework for holistic and consistent organizational development and implementation (link). The new EU –Nachhaltigkeitsberichtsanforderungen calls for the  rolling disclosure of this business model with the impact of business on society and nature across the entire supply chain. In the last ten years, Professor Binner Akademie has a standardised approach model on the MITO–Modellstrukturvorgabe together with a method-based approach called MITO –Methoden Toolconsisting of an overarching problem solving cycle.“Analysis, diagnosis, therapy and evaluation” developed. MITO –Methoden –Tool based thematic organisational analyses, audits, efficacy and target audits are available with -Referenz checklists, which enable easy, fast and cost-effective digital processing of the required organizational activities. The MITO -Ansatz is already described in detail in several books and many technical papers, for example:

Binner, Hartmut F. Methoden-Baukasten for holistic process management, ISBN 978-3-658-08408-0, ISBN 978-3-658-08409-7 (eBook), Springer/Gabler Verlag, 246

Binner, H.F.: “Organisation 4.0: MITO configuration management”, Springer Vieweg-Verlag, 2018, 597 pages, price: 54,98 Euro, Hardcover  eBook ISBN: 978-31.

Binner, H. F.: Holistic Businessmodell-Transformation with the MITO organization 4.0-Ansatz; bookboon (The eBook company), 1. Edition, 2018, 93 pages, price: 8,99 Euro, ISBN: 978-87-403-2579-9

Binner, H. F.: Systematic MITO business model development: Guide to output-oriented corporate management, 1. Edition, 2020, 82 pages, ISBN: 978-87-403-3254-4

Binner, H. F.: Integrated Businessmodell-Transformation – Systematic process digitization with the support of the MITO method tool – new release, Springer Vieweg Verlag, July 2020, 260 pages, ISBN 93278 Hardcover  E-Books , 38,86 Euro

Binner,H.F. :Holistic Business Model Transformation, Springer Vieweg-Verlag, 2022, 1. edition, 296 pages,ISBN978-3-658-37366-5

As part of an individual company-specific online -Prozesscoaching Professor Binner conducts two-hour video

conferences on zoom with his models and tools developed by him, for example, on the following topics:

– Company-specific business model development

– Company-specific process model development

– Company-specific  Corporate governance model -Development– Company-specific

process-oriented ERP/PPS system–implementation

– Company-specific systematic process

modelling, -Optimierung and -Digitalisierung

– Company-specific QM –System –development as preparation for DIN

EN ISO 9001:2015-Zertifizierung

– Company-specific Preparation for the CSR – Prequalification .


There is also an extensive seminar program with online and presence seminars, for example on the Scio Zone Platform ( On Wednesday the 15th A full-day MITO – Expert Certification (link) will take place in February. For the public administration, but also for other institutions, we lead on 23. February a two-hour corruption analysis – Introductory seminar and February 2. March a four-hour corruption analysis – Advanced Seminar through(link). Here we show you how the MITO -Methoden -Tool can easily and quickly create digital evidence for the job-related corruption risk with the necessary remedial measures.

We are happy to answer any questions.

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